Ty Treadwell is a Miami-based author, freelance writer, and writing instructor. As a multifaceted "word architect," he's assembled everything from novels and humor books to over 150 articles, essays, and short stories. He has written on topics ranging from travel to art to parenting, and his work has appeared in national magazines, regional magazines, newspapers, and on web sites. 

Treadwell teaches writing classes for the University of Miami, and has also lectured on writing at Oglethorpe University and Clayton State University in Georgia.

Treadwell's suspense thriller Secret 77 is now available in paperback, and his three books of true crime satire—Death Row's Oddest Inmates, Death Row's Wildest Women, and Last Suppers: Famous Final Meals from Death Row—have garnered a worldwide following. Treadwell also made regular appearances on CNN as a mock juror on the crime and punishment talk show HLN After Dark.