Student Comments

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from your course. It’s been amazing. In fact, just two days after you critiqued my queries, I got a 500 dollar assignment for one of them. You’re awesome.” (Pam from Kentucky)

“I have really enjoyed this course. Your teaching style is excellent. You exhibit a rare combination of gentleness and honesty.” (Carol from Maryland)

“This whole course has been so much fun! Applause, applause!” (Anne from Texas)

“I have learned so much from you. Your honesty has been invaluable to my growth as a writer and as a person. A lot of people have told me they love my writing but no one has ever given it an honest critique as you have.” (Kathleen from California)

“Very informative…I will recommend your course to members of my local writers group.” (Diane from Florida)

“I wish I had taken this class years ago, when I first started writing. I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble.” (Steven from Georgia)

“Thanks so much for all the feedback. I really enjoyed this course and I’ll be sure to keep all your advice in mind as I write from here on out.” (Erin from New York)

“I’ve really enjoyed diving in deeper to article writing.  I can’t wait to start sending out more queries this year and making this happen.” (Susan from Oregon)

“I didn’t expect the class to be so much fun, and I’m really sad that it’s over. Thanks for all your help and especially for your excellent editing skills!” (Brittany from South Dakota)

“Thank you, Ty, for your very helpful tips and comments throughout this course. It has helped me greatly. I appreciate your candor and specificity. Thank you!” (Jessica from Washington DC)